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Deconstruction and up-cycling have been the pinnacle of the RACHAEL CASSAR practice since established. We utilise the process of deconstruction/ reconstruction of pre adored garments and material off-cuts to produce one-off fashion garments. This process is commonly referred to as ‘upcycling’. The practice has been set up as a slow fashion business that paths a way for alternative fashion systems and production. It is experimental in its structure.

The RACHAEL CASSAR method involves the careful crafting, sculpting and collaging directly onto the mannequin, whereby materials are re-contextualised giving new life to ‘used’ and discarded materials. The label’s aesthetic is experimental and bespoke. Signature aspects of RACHAEL CASSAR craft include textural investigations of material contrasts, layering of surface details, structure combined with fluid forms, fragile disintegrating laces combined with typically chaotically embellished surfaces.

All pieces are hand crafted from her Sydney based studio.

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