Rachael Cassar: Daring to be different in Los Angeles

Rachael Cassar: Daring to be different in Los Angeles

Fresh from exhibiting at London Fashion Week’s Estethica, RACHAEL CASSAR is now in the USA. Sought out by Preface Public Relations of Los Angles, a fashion PR company that specialises in representing new and innovative fashion brands and promoting them to stylists and celebrities, Rachael’s collections are now exhibited at Preface’s showroom in the heart of Los Angeles.

Colleen McKinnie of Preface PR said

“We are thrilled about our collaboration with Rachael Cassar and the Rachael Cassar brand. From a fashion point of view, Rachael’s collection is like nothing we have seen before. Her pieces are defined by their dramatic and beautiful silhouettes, high quality fabrics, and distinct detailing. They are daring and go beyond the monotonous ‘couture’ pieces we regularly see on the red carpet.

Where Rachael is a true innovator lies in the fact that she creates these enchanting pieces using recycled vintage materials. It is not often you find a luxury brand that is able to fuse high-fashion and quality fabrics with corporate social responsibility. Rachael’s one-of-a-kind looks are united with a company ethos focused on sustainability and minimal production……. We are honoured to have a part in her growth and are confident she will have much future success.”

Within weeks of her collections arriving in Los Angeles, reaction has been extremely positive with stylists taking her garments for celebrity fittings and photo shoots.

Winner of a number of prestigious awards both in Australia and overseas, Cassar continues to focus exclusively on her design vision of combining sustainability with cutting edge design and is currently working on her 5th collection.

For More Information

Rachael Cassar 0417 974 004 rachael@rachaelcassar.com

Chris Cassar 0417 101 251 ccas@bigpond.net.au

Colleen McKinnie (Preface PR – Los Angeles) +1 323 424 7160 colleen@prefacepr.com

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